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servicing the industry for more than 25 years

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Why Choose us?

Local Cleaning Professionals was established in 2007 our history of starting as a small branch business in the building industry gave us the opportunity to grow steadily and learn the most important parts of the industry through our hands on approach. Unlike most competitors, our business was founded on knowing what it takes to be consistent and going out of our way to make a difference. Even though this business is quite young we have been cleaning and servicing the industry for more than 25 years as cleaners.


At Local Cleaning we strive to maintain an in house environment assuring the maximum control of our staff through effective communication of your changing business needs. In an industry saturated with contracting companies we offer services that are not commonly offered by most companies, this enables us to focus on streaming our services by saving our customers high maintenance and downtime costs. We truly understand the importance of not only learning about your business but also helping you maintain a positive image with your clients and staff.

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